2014-2019   Created and Conducted the global series of Littoral OpTech Workshops and Littoral Operations Colloquia a triple helix of .gov, .edu, and .com interest to expand the understanding of the complexity of littoral operations in the maritime cul-de-sacs around the globe. 
See: youtube.com/watch?v=PPNJTp9t2uY
OpTech-WEST         Stockholm    Sep 2014 
OpTech-EAST          Tokyo            Dec 2015 
OpTech-SOUTH       Cartagena    Apr  2017
OpTech-NORTH       Halifax         Oct  2018
OpTech-EASTMED  Chania         Nov 2019
Littoral Colloquia: 
Fleet Tactics and Naval Operations   Monterey   Nov 2018
NATO's Forward Littorals                   Monterey   Jul  2019